Near Death Experiences

Personal Stories

One most extraordinary aspect of NDE's is that the underlying pattern seems unaffected by a person's culture or belief system, religion, race, education, or any other known variable, although the way in which the NDE is described varies according to the person's background and vocabulary. There is no evidence that the type of experience is related to whether the person is conventionally religious or not, or has lived a "good" or "bad" life according to his/her society's standards (although an NDE often strongly affects how life is lived after the experience). 


What do you think happens when you die? In the late ’80s, young journalist Judy Bachrach began volunteering at a neighborhood hospice largely because, as she says, she was afraid of death and fearful of those who were facing death. The same anxieties returned years later when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Out of fear and curiosity, Bachrach began research on her upcoming book, GLIMPSING HEAVEN: The Stories and Science of Life After Death to find out what, if anything, happens to us when we die.

Do you believe in life after death? There are a great many people in the world today who have had near-death experiences, which makes this subject particularly fascinating, and not just to those in the scientific and medical professions.